Keep HOT ♨ and Enjoy The Taste of Your Tea, Coffee, Beverages, and Other Drinkables
HOT for 12 – 24 hours.

We Bring to You This Amazing

SIZE: 1000ML.
Double-Layer Stainless Steel Vacuum
Thermos Coffee Tumbler Travel Mug Business Trip Water Flask Tea Infuser Flask.

Our double-layer vacuum-insulated travel mug is made of excellent heat insulation material, Which can keep hot and cold liquids (Water, Coffee, Tea, etc) at the same temperature for 24 hours, It is made of high-quality stainless steel and also BPA-free materials and can be safe.

The quality coffee cup lid can double as an insulated service cup, The twisting and dumping function allows you to pour it without moving the stopper and put it in the bag without worrying about overflow or leakage, Thus bringing you the best Good experience.

Reasons Why You Need This 1000ML Water Flask.


Food-grade stainless steel inside and outside means no metallic aftertaste. A BPA-free lid and no plastic lining means no toxins. Top-of-the-line construction and rubber gaskets keep this bottle leak-proof. The double-layer stainless steel structure is extremely sturdy and not easy to break due to the durable plastic protection at the bottom of the coffee thermos travel.


The double-wall vacuum insulation design of stainless-steel water bottles can high-effectively, insulated, which keeps liquid hot or cold for up to12 to 24 hours, this allows you to enjoy hot/iced drinks all day.


This stainless-steel water bottle/Flask is very suitable for daily use and can be taken with you, such as hiking, Biking, Beach, Camping, on trips, School, or work. Put the portable hot drink cup in the side pocket of your backpack not in your bag or as a daily companion to help you stay healthy and hydrated!

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